Chesed Opportunities “Sponsor-a-Meal”

The management at Classic Kosher Catering has a strong belief in providing Chesed (Kindness) as a way of showing gratitude to the One above for providing us with all that He does. Every Holiday, Classic Kosher Catering provides meals to some of the disadvantaged in our community—some that we and the Rabbis know about, and some that only we know about and have requests from.

In this vein, we have a program in place called “Sponsor-A-Meal”. This allows the more fortunate to help provide meals to any recipient they choose. If preferred, the donor can prepay for a certain amount of “table settings”, and allow us and the Rabbis to find worthy recipients. The meal(s) can be sponsored by name or anonymous, and in being the “shaliach” (go-between) for these meals, we use the utmost discretion.

In addition, Gift Certificates of any denomination can be purchased, allowing the recipient to choose their own meals and timing, to fit their schedule.

One other use for the “Sponsor-A-Meal” program is to simply give the recipient a break. A husband who is kitchenly challenged may wish to surprise his wife with a complete Shabbos dinner of her choosing, or a neighbor may wish to sponsor a meal for a friend—just because. Whether welcoming a new family, or welcoming back an old one, an already prepared meal is always welcome. We at Classic Kosher Catering are equipped to work with any one for any need, and enjoy being creative at it.